The 100 Best Dividend-paying Stocks To Own In America
by Gene Walden LINK

All About Dividend Investing
by Don Schreiber Gary E. Stroik LINK

The Single Best Investment Creating Wealth with Dividend Growth
by Lowell Miller LINK

The Dividend Growth Investment Strategy How to Keep Your Retirement Income Doubling Every Five Years by Klugman Roxann LINK

The Standard & Poor's Guide to Building Wealth with Dividend Stocks
by Joseph Tigue LINK

Beating the S&P with Dividends How to Build a Superior Portfolio of Dividend Yielding Stocks by Peter O'Shea Jonathan Worrall LINK

Relative Dividend Yield Common Stock Investing for Income and Appreciation
by Anthony E. Spare LINK

The Dividend Connection How Dividends Create Value in the Stock Market
by Geraldine Weiss LINK

The Dividend Rich Investor Building Wealth with High-Quality Dividend-Paying Stocks
by Joseph Tigue Joseph Lisanti LINK

The Dividend Investor A Safe and Sure Way to Beat the Market with High-Yield Dividend Stocks by Harvey C III Knowles Damon H. Petty LINK

The Ultimate Dividend Playbook Income Insight and Independence for Today's Investor by Morningstar Inc Josh Peters LINK

The Perfect Investment by Lowell Miller LINK

Income Investing Today Safety & High Income Through Diversification
by Richard Lehmann Steve Forbes LINK

The Dick Davis Dividend Straight Talk on Making Money from 40 Years on Wall Street
by Dick Davis LINK

Mergent's Dividend Achievers
by Mergent LINK

Dividend Capture by Barbara Minton LINK

The 25% Cash Machine Double Digit Income Investing
by Bryan Perry LINK

All About DRIPs and DSPs
by George Fisher LINK

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Michelle Gartner said...

Thanks for the top link, I have to check that one out. Dividends are great since I AlWAYS reinvest mine. Without dividends my portfolio would grow slower then hair growing on a bald guy. Which BTW is to say you have great hair.