Dividends for JUNE 2015

 $162.64 for the month

Carl Icahn...
I believe the market is extremely overheated

Dividends for May 2015


Buckeye Partners L.P. $80.14-

                  DIV $4.60

Buckeye Partners LP is a master limited partnership that provides mid-stream energy logistics services. The company owns and operates petroleum products common carrier pipeline networks providing refiners, wholesalers, marketers, airlines, railroads and other commercial end-users with dependable, all-weather transportation of refined petroleum products. The company operates its business through Pipelines and Terminals, Global Marine Terminals, Merchant Services, Development and Logistics and Intersegment. The Pipelines and Terminals segment owns and operates pipeline located primarily in the northeastern and upper midwestern portions of the United States. The Merchant Services segment is a wholesale distributor of refined petroleum products in the continental United States and in the Caribbean. The Development and Logistics segment provides turn-key operations and maintenance, asset development and construction services for third-party pipeline and energy assets across the U.S. This segment operates and maintains third-party pipelines under agreements with major oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical companies, which are located primarily in Texas and Louisiana. Buckeye Partners was founded in December 1986 and is headquartered in Houston, TX.

Dividends for APRIL 2015

                 $134.17 total
Hoping to make $200.00 in dividend income this month.
Bought 10 shares of Realty Income Corp (o)
Overvalued stocks are going to have to rely on real revenues and earnings to propel them higher. Judging by the shape of the U.S. economy, this is going to be a difficult task. In 2013, the year that the overall markets soared, U.S. GDP growth was just 1.9%. For 2014, U.S. GDP growth is expected to climb modestly to 2.2%. In 2015, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts U.S. GDP growth of 3.1%, which is much healthier and closer to historical norms, but also a tad too optimistic.